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Tied Up Slave Suspended from Ceiling

hanging on a clothesline tearing the nipples on boobs beaten up and throw on the floor redhead naked and bound

body tighten and hanging them rope cut into the body red hung from the ceiling naked and crucified on the bench

electric nipple violently dunks his head in the water Redhead wet and wrinkled lying naked in the water and is afraid

When we say that we’ve found some wet slaves, we don’t mean that they have wet dripping pussies although that is also the case. We mean that they are being submitted to some cruel water torture and bondage and there’s nothing these slaves can do but take it and shiver in the cold. First stop, we have a gorgeous redhead submissive in a sexy latex underwear. She’s been lying bound and gagged on the floor for sometime that she wasn’t sure what’s going to happen next or if anything’s going to happen at all. She didn’t have to wonder for long for the moment her master arrived, she had her hands and knees tied behind her back, forcing her small chest to really puff out before he pulled the ropes up and she was soon hanging from the ceiling like the spider’s little dinner caught in a web. She didn’t try to fight or resist and for being such a good girl, her master took it easy on her and just decided submerge her in a tub full of water where he watched this slave panic and shiver in the freezing cold in this hot bdsm scene.

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